Landscaping Ideas With Paver Stone

Landscaping Ideas With Paver Stone

landscaping gardenerThere are many great ideas you can add practical and stylish touches to your outdoor space in this article we will discuss how paver can help you with your landscaping project.

Turn a small lawn between garage and house into decompression chamber using large pavers and stone this is perfect for relaxing after a long day of work.

Create a Strong Focal Point Using Terraced Stone

landscaping for gardensYou can create a strong focal point using terraced stone steps in a mix and match pattern.

You can use different plants that are heat tolerant and low water requirements. This can give a year-round interest. Creating a striking pattern can also help save money and resources in the long run as pavers take most of the space where dry grass might grow.

It might be a good idea if you will replace a lawn with gravel dotted with ornamental grass like Muhlenbergia rigens and add some accent plants like blue leaved weber agave that can withstand a low water climate.